Dragon’s Lair. This Summer’s Hottest New Toy May Be Coming To A Theater Near You.


December UPDATE! They have re-tooled and re-booted their campaign on IndieGoGo.  It’s much better and more affordable now. Please visit it here:


Dragon’s Lair is this summer’s hottest new toy and may now be coming to the silver screen. The first arcade game in the United States with a movie-quality image to go along with the action is currently raising money to be pitched as a feature film. Arcade operators at the games release reported long lines, even though the game was the first video arcade game to cost 50 cents. The game has been devouring kids’ coins at top speed since it appeared early in July. “It’s the most awesome game I’ve ever seen in my life.” said Robert Romano, 10, who waited all day in the crush at Castle Park without getting to play. Will this enthusiasm translate to the film?

Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, the creators of smash hits like the Secret of NIMH, An American Tail, The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go to Heaven are raising $550,000 to use a classic Disney marketing strategy of creating a short film to tour across the country to bring a feature length 70 million dollar motion picture to the masses.

We are almost half way there. As of today, they have 2,078 backers and have raised $179,000. I just backed the project. Join me and let’s bring “Dragon’s Lair: The Movie” to life!


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