SEGA Is Hiring Game Testers

SEGA Is Hiring Game Testers

Do you love the SEGA Genesis and Jolt cola? Can you work at Sonic speed and play video games for 40-80 hours a week? SEGA is currently hiring game testers at their Redwood City, California location. SEGA is looking for applicants with the following qualities:


  • Bleed SEGA Blue
  • Available for the 7:00am-3:00pm day shift, or 3:00pm-11:00pm night shift.
  • Able to extensively play a hundred games per year.
  • Knowledge of System 7, FileMaker Pro, VHS, Genesis, PICO, and Game Gear.
  • Flannel shirts, side burns, long hair, face piercings, and a love of grunge are encouraged.
  • Able to scream “SEGA!” over 126.2db

Come join SEGA’s family of testers! Dave Dodge, Jeff Hedges, Rey Alvarez, Joe Damon, Chris Luchich, Roger DeForest, Janine Cook, Kim Rogers, Mark Griffin, Mark Fabella, Rich Kirnock, Mitch Gambolini, Jeff Junio, Joel Breton all would love to welcome you into the family.

Mail your resume to:

SEGA Of America
ATTN: Tom Kalinske
150 Shoreline Drive.
Redwood City, CA. 94065.

Please watch this Trainumentary video below for more information (Film  by Stanely Coenberg. Directed and edited by John Jansen).

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