New SEGA Magazine MEGA VISIONS Launches


In 1940, three men (Martin Bromley, Irving Bromberg, and James Humper) built a Honolulu based company called Standard Games to bring slot machines and amusement games to World War II military men. In 1954, David Rosen launched a two-minute photo business in Tokyo. Next, these men joined powers to form SEGA Enterprises, and Rosen designed and delivered the 1966 arcade game Periscope.  An electro-mechanical seed was planted that would revolutionize gaming forever.

Fast forward to present day: Hundreds of millions of coins fueling SEGA and their quest to build the ultimate arcade game.  13 million SEGA Master Systems sold. Over 30 million SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive systems sold, lighting the gaming world on fire.  With SEGA developing hit after hit, keeping track of thousands of great games can be quite a challenge.  Thankfully, the nerds (…..NERDS!!!!!) at SEGA Nerds are to the rescue with the launch of MEGA VISIONS. Electro mechanical games, video arcade games, consoles, portables, and more. If SEGA was involved MEGA VISIONS will cover it. The future and the past. A new, bi-monthly magazine built for the fans by the fans. Welcome To The Next Level of gaming news.

Subscriptions go on sale today! Watch this short video for more information.

Does your skin glow SEGA blue? The creators have an hour of radio discussing everything MEGA VISIONS for your listening pleasure.  SEGA!!!!! (*Pinball glass breaking scream*)


Monty Singleton
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