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SEGA Is Hiring Game Testers

SEGA Is Hiring Game Testers

Do you love the SEGA Genesis and Jolt cola? Can you work at Sonic speed and play video games for 40-80 hours a week? SEGA is currently hiring game testers at their Redwood City, California location. SEGA is looking for applicants with the following qualities:


  • Bleed SEGA Blue
  • Available for the 7:00am-3:00pm day shift, or 3:00pm-11:00pm night shift.
  • Able to extensively play a hundred games per year.
  • Knowledge of System 7, FileMaker Pro, VHS, Genesis, PICO, and Game Gear.
  • Flannel shirts, side burns, long hair, face piercings, and a love of grunge are encouraged.
  • Able to scream “SEGA!” over 126.2db

Come join SEGA’s family of testers! Dave Dodge, Jeff Hedges, Rey Alvarez, Joe Damon, Chris Luchich, Roger DeForest, Janine Cook, Kim Rogers, Mark Griffin, Mark Fabella, Rich Kirnock, Mitch Gambolini, Jeff Junio, Joel Breton all would love to welcome you into the family.

Mail your resume to:

SEGA Of America
ATTN: Tom Kalinske
150 Shoreline Drive.
Redwood City, CA. 94065.

Please watch this Trainumentary video below for more information (Film  by Stanely Coenberg. Directed and edited by John Jansen).

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Box Art Has Only One Week Left To Reveal The Gold Inside The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend Of ZELDA Shadow Box

The Legend Of Zelda was inspired by Shigeru Miyamoto’s childhood explorations. As a young boy he discovered a cave, buried deep in the forests of Sonobe, Japan. With only a lantern to guide him, he found buried gold that later ended up under the Christmas trees’ of millions of boys and girls. Protected by an ancient shield, the greatest video game of all time shimmers through the box like buried treasure. Millions have analyzed the golden game, but what about the box that protects it? Who created the shield exposing the gold of Zelda? Why?

Rob McCallum has lit his lantern to create a 90 minute documentary, Box Art. Do you want to enter the caverns with him to discover the mysteries these boxes hold?  Rob’s currently working with legends like Timothy Girvin (design lead of Zelda logo), Tom duBois (illustrator of Contra 3 and Castlevania Bloodlines), Greg Wray (illustrator of Sonic The Hedgehog), and many more.

There’s only a week left to hit his funding goal of $30,000, and he’s only $6,000 away. Visit and back his project today to unlock the treasures of gaming’s greatest box art legends!


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Give The Ultimate Nintendo Gift This Christmas


As Santa drops Nintendos into chimneys’ of boys and girls everywhere this Christmas, one punk has created the ultimate gaming wishlist in a hardcover book. After raising a whopping $21,511 by simply playing Nintendo games for the Children’s Miracle Network, Pat is back with a massive 450 page masterpiece reviewing every NES game ever made.

Featuring full color gaming screen shots, cartridge art, reviews and reflections by Pat Contri (Pat the NES Punk), Ian Ferguson, Asheton Phinney, Jim Evans, Brett Weiss, Karen Niemla, Joey “Roo” DeSena, Joe Pingree, and Stephen Wilds. With supplemental articles by James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd), Norm Caruso, Dan Eardley, Brent Black (Brental Floss), and a forward by Blake Harris (Console Wars), this will make any fan sound like a Nintendo prodigy on the school playground.

Though the physical book ships spring of next year, a pledge to the project would make a great stocking stuffer for the gamers in your family.


Merry Christmas!


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Heal Children’s Illness Through Playing Sleepless Nintendo This Thanksgiving


Nintendo is taking America by storm. What’s Nintendo you ask? Why should you care? A hundred year old company, Nintendo makes what may be the most addictive toy in history, and it’s definitely the hottest thing this Christmas. Nintendo video games.  They first arrived from Japan, 3 years ago. In just 3 years they’ve sold more than a million hardware units at about hundred bucks each. They’ve got more gadgets, zappers, and gizmos than you can shake a joystick at. They have about 80 different games you can buy to plugin to the system. So far, Nintendo has sold more than 50 million game cartridges. By the end of the year, they hope to have their system in one out of eight American homes. Now, two players are going to use this hot new system and a room full of games to help heal children’s illness.

Pat Contri, better known as Pat The Nes Punk, has teamed up with Luna Video Games’ expert, Ian Ferguson. Together, they will fight sleep while fighting each other on the hottest NES games. Their mission is to raise $10,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network while playing the Nintendo for 24 hours straight. The money will help children who have experienced natural disaster, or help children at their local hospital.

Start Thanksgiving early this year. For less than half the cost of a NES game, you can choose your favorite game for them to play.  They will be filming the event, and broadcasting it live on television November 21st.

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Dragon’s Lair. This Summer’s Hottest New Toy May Be Coming To A Theater Near You.


December UPDATE! They have re-tooled and re-booted their campaign on IndieGoGo.  It’s much better and more affordable now. Please visit it here:

Dragon’s Lair is this summer’s hottest new toy and may now be coming to the silver screen. The first arcade game in the United States with a movie-quality image to go along with the action is currently raising money to be pitched as a feature film. Arcade operators at the games release reported long lines, even though the game was the first video arcade game to cost 50 cents. The game has been devouring kids’ coins at top speed since it appeared early in July. “It’s the most awesome game I’ve ever seen in my life.” said Robert Romano, 10, who waited all day in the crush at Castle Park without getting to play. Will this enthusiasm translate to the film?

Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, the creators of smash hits like the Secret of NIMH, An American Tail, The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go to Heaven are raising $550,000 to use a classic Disney marketing strategy of creating a short film to tour across the country to bring a feature length 70 million dollar motion picture to the masses.

We are almost half way there. As of today, they have 2,078 backers and have raised $179,000. I just backed the project. Join me and let’s bring “Dragon’s Lair: The Movie” to life!


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