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Netflix Staked The Heart Of Castlevania

The new Netflix mini-series of “Castlevania” has solid writing, great scary atmosphere, and a good plot with a unique revenge story. The music accompanies it well. The speech acting is excellent. Yet, this short term success is going to spell long term disaster for the franchise. By catering to middle-aged men instead of the children who we used to be, will the rising generation even care about Castlevania?

My parent’s surprised me with the original Castlevania for my 10th birthday while we were on a family vacation. Though I couldn’t immediately play it, I stared at the gorgeous box art for days. I read the manual cover to cover. Dreaming of the monsters, weapons, and traveling through the map in my mind of that gigantic castle. Halloween was (and still is) my favorite holiday, and now Halloween had come early to the Nintendo Entertainment System.


The summer of 1987, when grocery stores were fun. You could play arcade games or rent movies/games while the parents did the boring chore of grocery shopping. The Lost Boys and Fright Night were two of the big vampire hits.  While my parents were searching for the perfect produce at Smith’s grocery store, I was back in the video section, terrified by what might be hiding inside that Fright Night VHS. But, I was a decade too young. What was a boy to do for vampire entertainment?

Cabbage Patch dolls, Teddy Ruxpin, Care Bears, Pound Puppies, G.I. Joe, He-Man, Transformers, Garbage Pail Kids, ThunderCats, Simon, TMNT, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and…The Nintendo Entertainment System. What magical land held these treasures? Toy stores. Castlevania was born in toyland.  Suddenly, monsters and demons weren’t evils to be scared of. Now, they were toys to be played with. Castlevania had done the impossible, it made Dracula accessible to children. Sesame Street’s Count was now for my little sister, for I have Castlevania!

The best art makes a life changing impact on adults and children, simultaneously. Can you imagine if Star Wars was loaded with blood and gore, with the occasional bestiality joke? It is a movie about war and does have plenty of animals. Rather than become the religion it now is, it would be a forgotten Sci-Fi B movie.  In the first Castlevania episode, Witchbottle, it ends in a disgusting and pathetic goat joke that caused my wife to walk out of the theater. This is the moment where Netflix’s Castlevania went from legendary, to deceased.

“Please, this isn’t a bar fight. Have some class.” –  Alucard

Castlevania forgot it was a toy. Filled with lazy, excessive swearing and gore. A good score, but nothing inspired by the games. Suddenly that gorgeous art looks like generic anime. Trevor Belmont’s excellent whip action scenes bring back the 80s only to lose them when an ear is gratuitously whipped off. Sypha Belnades and Alucard from Dracula’s Curse? The NES briefly flashes in my mind until the next gore filled murder scene. Only four episodes long, this proof of concept was one of the better Dracula stories I’ve seen. But, excellent ideas like the one year clock, the religious evil vs. horde evil, falls on the tired ears of grey-haired men. We need art that inspires elementary school students to scribble Simon Belmont in their notebooks once again. Nobody in my son’s class knows who the Belmonts are, and this extended movie trailer missed it’s chance to change that.

Halloween is becoming more blood and gore focused. Trick-or-treating isn’t nearly the event in my neighborhood it used to be. Halloween is slowly being pulled away from children’s hands like Baron Von Frankenstein’s will from his casket in Young Frankenstein. Castlevania had a chance to win my kids over and revive the franchise. Finally, a chance to fix the mistakes of “Captain N – The Game Master”, and give Castlevania it’s own show! Unfortunately, my kids won’t be watching this for a decade, if Castlevania even means anything to them when they grow up. This year we will be playing a lot of NES/SNES Castelvanias in an attempt to make it a part of our October Halloween traditions. I hope it works. You have to get them while they are young. What a missed opportunity for future generations. When the brand is generational, it will die with that generation.


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Your favorite after-school cartoons are coming to your TV screen in a brand new way!

Ever want to become Scrooge McDuck and dive into a pool of gold? Solve mysteries as a nut eating detective? Take your favorite Jungle Book characters into the sky! He’s D-Structive, he’s D-Ranged, he’s D-Greatest Super Hero and now you can play him on your favorite game system!

Capcom has partnered up with Disney to bring Duck Tales, Duck Tales 2, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers 2, Darkwing Duck, and TaleSpin to a video game console near you.  Available now.


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You Can Bring Mutant Football League To The Mayhem Bowl!

In a world destroyed by radiation, where the dead rise from the grave, John Madden gets punched by a Dead Head and falls into a pool of toxic waste.

After Michael Mendheim pitched this idea to Trip Hawkins at Electronic Arts, it was quickly greenlit and the monster team of Michael Humes, Kevin Hogan, Jeff Fennel, Sam Nelson, Keither Orr, Ian Clarke, Michael Mendheim, Gil Colgate, Art Koch, Tony Iuppa, Eric Newhouse, Peter Traugot, Brian Schmidt, and Roseann Mitchell was formed. It became a massive hit on the SEGA Genesis, spawning a pop culture phenomenon as an animated series, toys, and trading cards. War transformed into sports and the world would never be the same.

Mutant Football League is back with new cutting edge graphics and sound! A new team consisting of: Michael Mendheim, Maxim Novikov, Ivan Zaplava, Andrii Lebid, Pavel Chukhanin, Artem Kuryavchenko, Anton Gvozdev, Ignor Silcenko, Chad Nimmo, and Brian Schmidt have launched a Kickstarter project and they are only a few thousand dollars away from unlocking the Mayhem Bowl.

Join me and back this project and let’s take the Mutants to the Mayhem Bowl!

“Mutant Football League is an action football game where you pick from 14 Unique Teams or 3 All-Star Teams for online or offline gameplay, in solo, co-op, or head-to-head modes. Players can win by scoring more points than the opposition or by literally decimating the opposing team so they have to forfeit. The choice is yours! This is the next generation, spiritual successor to the classic retro game, Mutant League Football with beautiful 3D graphics and impressive gore effects.”

“Mutant Football League is a completely new and totally original take on the monster mash-up sports genre, and comes loaded with attitude and comic violence on the playing field. The overall presentation of MFL has been re-visualized from it’s predecessors, but the same sense of urgency that’s an inherent part of a real-world football characterizes our game play. In short, the pacing of our MFL game is on steroids!”

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Double Dragon Is Back In Double Dragon IV, The Best Action Game Ever!

In 1987, kids waited hours in arcade lines to become Hammer and Spike to fight to their deaths. The game, inspired by Bruce Lee’s “Enter The Dragon” (1973) and the character Billy Lo in his final film, 1978’s “Game Of Death”, became an instant smash hit.  Billy Lo …I mean Lee and brother Jimmy Lee were renamed in the 1988 NES port and shipped to toy stores everywhere. Toys-R-Us reported that Double Dragon (NES) sold out nationwide in just two weeks! Classmates ditched their textbooks for baseball bats and throwing knives, karate kicking off a perfect summer. The screaming success of the Double Dragon trilogy has brought back original director Yoshihisa Kishimoto and his original team (character designer Koji Ogata, composer Kazunaka Yamane, and programmer Kei Oyama) for a fourth installment in the series.

Double Dragon IV is available now at video game stores everywhere.

I absolutely love the Double Dragon series and will be playing 4 tonight. Here’s an excellent history of the series:



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Nintendo, the first video system to move the action off the screen and into your living room!


Home video entertainment is about to enter a whole new dimension.

Introducing the Nintendo Entertainment System – fully equipped with the most progressive video components ever developed. True-to-life graphics, and a vast library of games that never stops growing.

It’s not just kids’ stuff, it’s family stuff too!

The NES is video entertainment the whole family can enjoy. It’s a system that’s both simple and sophisticated enough to challenge the abilities of everyone in your family. What’s more, many Nintendo Game Paks allow two members of the family to play simultaneously, and at many different levels.

Inside the Nintendo Control Deck are two microchips. Not just chips off the old block, mind you. Everyone promises arcade graphics, and the NES delivers. Instead of seeing 16 colors on the screen, the Nintendo Entertainment System offer an astounding 52 colors. Enhancements that result in brilliant tone refinements, realistic 3-D images, convincing depth of field, and actual shadows!

Choose from Nintendo’s authentic Sports Series, high flying Action Series, eye popping Arcade Series, and many more! There’s even the revolutionary Programmable Series that lets you program games yourself by varying obstacles and changing the sequence of events. So, a game is never played the same way twice. You control the level of challenge!

Nintendo spent a lot of time and research developing a system that would last for years. They will be constantly creating new components and new games like Super Mario Bros., The Legend Of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Ghosts’n Goblins, and many more to keep the thrill of the Nintendo Entertainment System growing. Visit for a guide covering Nintendo’s entire library of games. As years go by, you’ll be as wide-eyed about the system as you were the day you bought it.

Available today, Nov. 11 for just $59.99 MSRP. Save on Nintendo Game Paks with action-packed, color graphics from Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Target.

Need help with your new games? Nintendo’s always coming up with ways to help you play a winning game. Nintendo’s “Power Line” to the game counselors is one of their best ideas yet. The Power Line, which will return and run from Nov. 11 to Nov. 13, between the hours of 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT each day. Dial (425) 885-7529 to hear recorded tips for several games, plus behind-the-scenes stories from original Nintendo Game Play Counselors. You never know what you might learn. Your telephone connection to the hottest gaming hints, tips, and secrets of your favorite Nintendo games!

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Flynn’s Arcade (Roy, Utah) Under New Ownership After Mysterious Disappearance Of Kevin Flynn

Flynns Retrocade 1

“Kevin just wouldn’t quit talking about the Master Control Program.” said Lakeview Dental’s James Anderson, close friends with Kevin Flynn.

“I woke up on August 6th, and Kevin was just gone. No note, car still warm in the parking lot. He just vanished! The video arcade machines also started acting strange, like they knew he was gone.” whispers Michelle Bergmann.

Centipede, Defender, Missile Command, Moon Patrol, Asteroids, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, Q*bert, Tron, Frogger, Gauntlet II, Tetris, Star Wars (cockpit), and Fix-it Felix were all in a constant state of reboot.

Pinball machines Twilight Zone, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, Tron, and a secretly disguised Varkon ejected pinballs and quarters onto the floor around midnight.

Flynns Retrocade 4

The entire floor of the arcade had transformed into a life-size Pac-Man maze, which temporarily trapped patrons. Though the patrons escaped, the maze is still etched into the floor as a haunting reminder of that night.

I immediately visited the establishment once I heard of the news. I was greeted with an excellent chocolate soda (Chocolate Satin Pie, I highly recommend) and unlimited game credits as I investigated the scene. The supernatural activity has ceased though the games are currently set to free play (for an hourly fee of $5) to prevent the dangers of paranormal quarters. The game machines are now in pristine, like new condition. I spoke with new owners James and Michelle, who vow “To keep Flynn’s running like it’s 1984 until he is found.” They have kept that promise and my son and I had a great hour of gaming bliss today.

Flynns Retrocade 2

If you’re near Roy, Utah, stop by 3626 W 5600 S between 12-10pm for an excellent soda and gaming experience, and help us find Kevin Flynn!

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More information here:

Flynn’s Retrocade
3626 W 5600 S, Roy, UT 84067
(385) 333-7050
Hours: 12–10PM

Warner Communications’ ATARI loses 536 Million In New Documentary

ATARI loses 536 Million In New Documentary

The boom is over for electronic centipedes, outer-space invaders, and spooky goblins. ATARI, once high-flying in the world of video games, had visions of high profits. These visions are now as imaginary as the fantasy worlds pictured on the game screens. Although it once appeared that children would never stop zapping asteroids and blowing up tanks, industry insiders say youngsters have become jaded and returned to traditional, non-electronic fun. The history of video games mirrors the roller-coaster course of citizens’ band radios. In the early 1970s, demand for the CBs exploded. But, the craze subsided almost as swiftly as it arose.  “A while back, a lot of games like Pac-Man I used to like a lot,” said Chris Foudy, a 12-year-old in Cresskill, N.J. “Now, these games are really boring. They’re all the same. You kill the invaders and that’s it. Boring.”

ATARI is expected by industry analysts to lose hundreds of millions on game consoles and cartridges this year. Thousands of jobs have been eliminated. Just last week, Warner Communicatons’ ATARI subsidiary reported a $536 million loss this year. Retail merchants, stuck with bloated inventories of unsold games, have slashed prices and are praying for a merry Christmas. Game machine operators are off 30 to 40 percent in revenues.

Two people behind this new 8bit Generation, Tomaso Walliser and Bruno Grampa don’t expect Pac-Man and Pitfall to be buried in the same fad grave-yard as hula hoops and pet rocks. With 15 million game machines plugged into America’s television sets, they think there’s not only a future interest in video games, but also interest in a documentary film covering the rise and fall of ATARI. “Easy to Learn, Hard to Master – The Fate of Atari” film will be narrated by Bil Herd, former Commodore senior engineer. It will also feature a list of unreleased interviews with the key people of these events, including a very rare interview with Warner VP Manny Gerard and Atari CEO Ray Kassar. Mr. Kassar was the man held responsible for Atari success and the video game industry crash at the same time, who never appeared in a documentary before.

For more information on this film, please see this short video below.

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Video Game Capital Of The World Hails New Champion

Tim McVey Nibbler Champion 1 Billion Points


A new champion has been born from the womb of Ottuma, Iowa, the video game capital of the world. Less than two years after its release, Rock-Ola’s video game Nibbler has been dominated by Tim McVey after 44 ¼ hours of intense game play on just one quarter. He set a new world record by scoring 1,000,042,270 points at the Twin Galaxies Arcade, the first to score 1 billion points in video game history.

Frank W. Schultz (right), presents the award, a Nibbler machine, to Tim on Saturday, January 28th. Mayor Jerry L. Parker officially declared this day as “Tim McVey Day.”

Ottuma Iowa Mayor Frank W Schultz Declares Tim McVey Day

Andrew Seklir and Tim Kinzy have just released a documentary film about this momentous event, now available at a video store near you.

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New SEGA Magazine MEGA VISIONS Launches


In 1940, three men (Martin Bromley, Irving Bromberg, and James Humper) built a Honolulu based company called Standard Games to bring slot machines and amusement games to World War II military men. In 1954, David Rosen launched a two-minute photo business in Tokyo. Next, these men joined powers to form SEGA Enterprises, and Rosen designed and delivered the 1966 arcade game Periscope.  An electro-mechanical seed was planted that would revolutionize gaming forever.

Fast forward to present day: Hundreds of millions of coins fueling SEGA and their quest to build the ultimate arcade game.  13 million SEGA Master Systems sold. Over 30 million SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive systems sold, lighting the gaming world on fire.  With SEGA developing hit after hit, keeping track of thousands of great games can be quite a challenge.  Thankfully, the nerds (…..NERDS!!!!!) at SEGA Nerds are to the rescue with the launch of MEGA VISIONS. Electro mechanical games, video arcade games, consoles, portables, and more. If SEGA was involved MEGA VISIONS will cover it. The future and the past. A new, bi-monthly magazine built for the fans by the fans. Welcome To The Next Level of gaming news.

Subscriptions go on sale today! Watch this short video for more information.

Does your skin glow SEGA blue? The creators have an hour of radio discussing everything MEGA VISIONS for your listening pleasure.  SEGA!!!!! (*Pinball glass breaking scream*)


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SEGA Legalizes Game Hacking


Ever want to make yourself the ninja in Shinobi? How about making your brother or sister a warrior in Golden Axe? Add secret levels to Sonic The Hedgehog?

Time to learn how to code because SEGA has just legalized game hacking.  SEGA, the leader in arcade entertainment owns some of the most popular game franchises in history. In an unprecedented move, they are sharing their games with their fans in a way no other major game developer has before.

SEGA has no plans to hold classes on game programming. So gamers need to boot up that 386, break out the mics for the Sound Blaster, and head to the local library to study assembly.

Gamers aren’t allowed to sell these games, but free distribution is encouraged. Genesis Does What Nintendon’t. This is the future of gaming. Nintendo are you listening?

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