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Double Dragon Is Back In Double Dragon IV, The Best Action Game Ever!

In 1987, kids waited hours in arcade lines to become Hammer and Spike to fight to their deaths. The game, inspired by Bruce Lee’s “Enter The Dragon” (1973) and the character Billy Lo in his final film, 1978’s “Game Of Death”, became an instant smash hit.  Billy Lo …I mean Lee and brother Jimmy Lee were renamed in the 1988 NES port and shipped to toy stores everywhere. Toys-R-Us reported that Double Dragon (NES) sold out nationwide in just two weeks! Classmates ditched their textbooks for baseball bats and throwing knives, karate kicking off a perfect summer. The screaming success of the Double Dragon trilogy has brought back original director Yoshihisa Kishimoto and his original team (character designer Koji Ogata, composer Kazunaka Yamane, and programmer Kei Oyama) for a fourth installment in the series.

Double Dragon IV is available now at video game stores everywhere.

I absolutely love the Double Dragon series and will be playing 4 tonight. Here’s an excellent history of the series:



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Flynn’s Arcade (Roy, Utah) Under New Ownership After Mysterious Disappearance Of Kevin Flynn

Flynns Retrocade 1

“Kevin just wouldn’t quit talking about the Master Control Program.” said Lakeview Dental’s James Anderson, close friends with Kevin Flynn.

“I woke up on August 6th, and Kevin was just gone. No note, car still warm in the parking lot. He just vanished! The video arcade machines also started acting strange, like they knew he was gone.” whispers Michelle Bergmann.

Centipede, Defender, Missile Command, Moon Patrol, Asteroids, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, Q*bert, Tron, Frogger, Gauntlet II, Tetris, Star Wars (cockpit), and Fix-it Felix were all in a constant state of reboot.

Pinball machines Twilight Zone, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, Tron, and a secretly disguised Varkon ejected pinballs and quarters onto the floor around midnight.

Flynns Retrocade 4

The entire floor of the arcade had transformed into a life-size Pac-Man maze, which temporarily trapped patrons. Though the patrons escaped, the maze is still etched into the floor as a haunting reminder of that night.

I immediately visited the establishment once I heard of the news. I was greeted with an excellent chocolate soda (Chocolate Satin Pie, I highly recommend) and unlimited game credits as I investigated the scene. The supernatural activity has ceased though the games are currently set to free play (for an hourly fee of $5) to prevent the dangers of paranormal quarters. The game machines are now in pristine, like new condition. I spoke with new owners James and Michelle, who vow “To keep Flynn’s running like it’s 1984 until he is found.” They have kept that promise and my son and I had a great hour of gaming bliss today.

Flynns Retrocade 2

If you’re near Roy, Utah, stop by 3626 W 5600 S between 12-10pm for an excellent soda and gaming experience, and help us find Kevin Flynn!

Monty Singleton
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More information here:

Flynn’s Retrocade
3626 W 5600 S, Roy, UT 84067
(385) 333-7050
Hours: 12–10PM