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Video Game Capital Of The World Hails New Champion

Tim McVey Nibbler Champion 1 Billion Points


A new champion has been born from the womb of Ottuma, Iowa, the video game capital of the world. Less than two years after its release, Rock-Ola’s video game Nibbler has been dominated by Tim McVey after 44 ¼ hours of intense game play on just one quarter. He set a new world record by scoring 1,000,042,270 points at the Twin Galaxies Arcade, the first to score 1 billion points in video game history.

Frank W. Schultz (right), presents the award, a Nibbler machine, to Tim on Saturday, January 28th. Mayor Jerry L. Parker officially declared this day as “Tim McVey Day.”

Ottuma Iowa Mayor Frank W Schultz Declares Tim McVey Day

Andrew Seklir and Tim Kinzy have just released a documentary film about this momentous event, now available at a video store near you.

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