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You Can Bring Mutant Football League To The Mayhem Bowl!

In a world destroyed by radiation, where the dead rise from the grave, John Madden gets punched by a Dead Head and falls into a pool of toxic waste.

After Michael Mendheim pitched this idea to Trip Hawkins at Electronic Arts, it was quickly greenlit and the monster team of Michael Humes, Kevin Hogan, Jeff Fennel, Sam Nelson, Keither Orr, Ian Clarke, Michael Mendheim, Gil Colgate, Art Koch, Tony Iuppa, Eric Newhouse, Peter Traugot, Brian Schmidt, and Roseann Mitchell was formed. It became a massive hit on the SEGA Genesis, spawning a pop culture phenomenon as an animated series, toys, and trading cards. War transformed into sports and the world would never be the same.

Mutant Football League is back with new cutting edge graphics and sound! A new team consisting of: Michael Mendheim, Maxim Novikov, Ivan Zaplava, Andrii Lebid, Pavel Chukhanin, Artem Kuryavchenko, Anton Gvozdev, Ignor Silcenko, Chad Nimmo, and Brian Schmidt have launched a Kickstarter project and they are only a few thousand dollars away from unlocking the Mayhem Bowl.

Join me and back this project and let’s take the Mutants to the Mayhem Bowl!

“Mutant Football League is an action football game where you pick from 14 Unique Teams or 3 All-Star Teams for online or offline gameplay, in solo, co-op, or head-to-head modes. Players can win by scoring more points than the opposition or by literally decimating the opposing team so they have to forfeit. The choice is yours! This is the next generation, spiritual successor to the classic retro game, Mutant League Football with beautiful 3D graphics and impressive gore effects.”

“Mutant Football League is a completely new and totally original take on the monster mash-up sports genre, and comes loaded with attitude and comic violence on the playing field. The overall presentation of MFL has been re-visualized from it’s predecessors, but the same sense of urgency that’s an inherent part of a real-world football characterizes our game play. In short, the pacing of our MFL game is on steroids!”

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New SEGA Magazine MEGA VISIONS Launches


In 1940, three men (Martin Bromley, Irving Bromberg, and James Humper) built a Honolulu based company called Standard Games to bring slot machines and amusement games to World War II military men. In 1954, David Rosen launched a two-minute photo business in Tokyo. Next, these men joined powers to form SEGA Enterprises, and Rosen designed and delivered the 1966 arcade game Periscope.  An electro-mechanical seed was planted that would revolutionize gaming forever.

Fast forward to present day: Hundreds of millions of coins fueling SEGA and their quest to build the ultimate arcade game.  13 million SEGA Master Systems sold. Over 30 million SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive systems sold, lighting the gaming world on fire.  With SEGA developing hit after hit, keeping track of thousands of great games can be quite a challenge.  Thankfully, the nerds (…..NERDS!!!!!) at SEGA Nerds are to the rescue with the launch of MEGA VISIONS. Electro mechanical games, video arcade games, consoles, portables, and more. If SEGA was involved MEGA VISIONS will cover it. The future and the past. A new, bi-monthly magazine built for the fans by the fans. Welcome To The Next Level of gaming news.

Subscriptions go on sale today! Watch this short video for more information.

Does your skin glow SEGA blue? The creators have an hour of radio discussing everything MEGA VISIONS for your listening pleasure.  SEGA!!!!! (*Pinball glass breaking scream*)


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SEGA Legalizes Game Hacking


Ever want to make yourself the ninja in Shinobi? How about making your brother or sister a warrior in Golden Axe? Add secret levels to Sonic The Hedgehog?

Time to learn how to code because SEGA has just legalized game hacking.  SEGA, the leader in arcade entertainment owns some of the most popular game franchises in history. In an unprecedented move, they are sharing their games with their fans in a way no other major game developer has before.

SEGA has no plans to hold classes on game programming. So gamers need to boot up that 386, break out the mics for the Sound Blaster, and head to the local library to study assembly.

Gamers aren’t allowed to sell these games, but free distribution is encouraged. Genesis Does What Nintendon’t. This is the future of gaming. Nintendo are you listening?

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SEGA Is Hiring Game Testers

SEGA Is Hiring Game Testers

Do you love the SEGA Genesis and Jolt cola? Can you work at Sonic speed and play video games for 40-80 hours a week? SEGA is currently hiring game testers at their Redwood City, California location. SEGA is looking for applicants with the following qualities:


  • Bleed SEGA Blue
  • Available for the 7:00am-3:00pm day shift, or 3:00pm-11:00pm night shift.
  • Able to extensively play a hundred games per year.
  • Knowledge of System 7, FileMaker Pro, VHS, Genesis, PICO, and Game Gear.
  • Flannel shirts, side burns, long hair, face piercings, and a love of grunge are encouraged.
  • Able to scream “SEGA!” over 126.2db

Come join SEGA’s family of testers! Dave Dodge, Jeff Hedges, Rey Alvarez, Joe Damon, Chris Luchich, Roger DeForest, Janine Cook, Kim Rogers, Mark Griffin, Mark Fabella, Rich Kirnock, Mitch Gambolini, Jeff Junio, Joel Breton all would love to welcome you into the family.

Mail your resume to:

SEGA Of America
ATTN: Tom Kalinske
150 Shoreline Drive.
Redwood City, CA. 94065.

Please watch this Trainumentary video below for more information (Film  by Stanely Coenberg. Directed and edited by John Jansen).

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