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SEGA Legalizes Game Hacking


Ever want to make yourself the ninja in Shinobi? How about making your brother or sister a warrior in Golden Axe? Add secret levels to Sonic The Hedgehog?

Time to learn how to code because SEGA has just legalized game hacking.  SEGA, the leader in arcade entertainment owns some of the most popular game franchises in history. In an unprecedented move, they are sharing their games with their fans in a way no other major game developer has before.

SEGA has no plans to hold classes on game programming. So gamers need to boot up that 386, break out the mics for the Sound Blaster, and head to the local library to study assembly.

Gamers aren’t allowed to sell these games, but free distribution is encouraged. Genesis Does What Nintendon’t. This is the future of gaming. Nintendo are you listening?

Monty Singleton
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Box Art Has Only One Week Left To Reveal The Gold Inside The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend Of ZELDA Shadow Box

The Legend Of Zelda was inspired by Shigeru Miyamoto’s childhood explorations. As a young boy he discovered a cave, buried deep in the forests of Sonobe, Japan. With only a lantern to guide him, he found buried gold that later ended up under the Christmas trees’ of millions of boys and girls. Protected by an ancient shield, the greatest video game of all time shimmers through the box like buried treasure. Millions have analyzed the golden game, but what about the box that protects it? Who created the shield exposing the gold of Zelda? Why?

Rob McCallum has lit his lantern to create a 90 minute documentary, Box Art. Do you want to enter the caverns with him to discover the mysteries these boxes hold?  Rob’s currently working with legends like Timothy Girvin (design lead of Zelda logo), Tom duBois (illustrator of Contra 3 and Castlevania Bloodlines), Greg Wray (illustrator of Sonic The Hedgehog), and many more.

There’s only a week left to hit his funding goal of $30,000, and he’s only $6,000 away. Visit www.BoxArtDoc.com and back his project today to unlock the treasures of gaming’s greatest box art legends!


Monty Singleton